Hedgehogs are adorable little creatures that often make great pets.  But unlike dogs and cats that are often easy to care for, hedgehogs can be a bit more difficult to take care of.  Today, we are going to learn several simple tips that will help you take care of your new exotic friend.

Keep an Eye on Temperature

Hedgehogs are very sensitive to temperature and they need a consistent 75 to 85-degree range to be comfortable; anything lower than 75 can place them into hibernation mode and anything hotter than 85 will put stress on their tiny bodies.  So make sure that you always keep an eye on the temperature.  This article, 10 things to know before buying a hedgehog, will explain in more detail why temperature is so important.  Additionally, you may want to get a thermometer to place inside their tank or sleeping area.

Hedgehogs Love Hiding Spots

When it comes to hedgehogs, they need a hiding spot so that they can get away from it all.  These small and cute creatures can easily get stressed out and they need somewhere to hide.  So when designing their cage, make sure to place some items inside that will give your new pet a place to retreat.  But when doing so, make sure the item you place inside is large enough for the animal to comfortably fit.  These areas of hiding also need to be dark and have the right temperature as well.  Remember, as we stated above, to keep their cage around 75 to 85-degrees in order to keep them comfortable.  If you would like to learn more about how to set up a proper hedgehog environment, please make sure to check out this website.  Here you will find a wide-range of tips that will help you get started.

Watch Them around Small Children

While most hedgehogs are peaceful animals, some have the tendency to bite if mishandled.  So make sure that if you have small kids around to always keep an eye on them.  Even one small bite from these animals can cause a lot of pain and a trip to the doctor’s office may be in order.  Also, hedgehogs are small and their bodies can be fragile.  Too much rough handling can injure them or even kill them.  For more information on how to teach your child how to handle your new pet, please check out this link.

These tips will help you get started.  Owning a hedgehog comes with a lot of responsibilities but also a lot of rewards.  These cute animals make great additions to anyone’s family.  As long as they are properly cared for, they will live many years.  So before you go out and buy your new pet, make sure that you have a proper cage set up for them.  If you have kids, make sure that you have a talk with them about their new pet and instruct them how to handle him or her.  By doing so, you will be ahead of the game.