Preparing to purchase a horse float? This is an important decision for you and for your horses. An essential piece of equipment in the equine field, owning one of your very own horse floats will prove a tremendous benefit for transporting your horses to shows, competitions, or for other purposes. But it’s a decision that demands consideration. Here are 4 things to focus on when buying a horse float.

What type of float will cater to the comfort and safety of your horses?

Knowing what you’ll look for is half the battle when it comes to choosing a horse float. The basics are vital: will the float comfortably carry your horses? This is not only about the size and dimensions of the float, but includes the safety and comfort features. It’s a good idea to keep a list of all the elements you’ll want to see in your float, and which you might not remember during the search. Ventilation is a major must. Spend some time learning about which floats have the highest ratings in this area. Better ventilation is not only important for health reasons but will help to keep your horses calm during transport.

Also research flooring options in floats. You will need ample footing room for your animals as well as a material that is safe and non-slip. Make a list of these must-have factors as you begin investigating horse floats for sale.

Understand weight limits.

Another aspect of the float is its weight load capacity. This may take some research to put all the pieces in place. You need to know the weight of your horses themselves. This is especially important if you are transporting multiple horses. You also must know the overall load that your vehicle can tow. This number, in combination with the weight of the animals, will indicate the specs you’ll need to search for when selecting your float.

New or used horse float?

Another consideration is whether you will buy a used or new horse float or if you would be open to either. Both new and used floats have their benefits. Many consumers opt for used horse floats as they can generally be more affordable. Should you choose a used model, be sure to learn everything you can about the float and fully inspect its condition. The previous owner should be able to produce all records of maintenance and repair on the float. An older model float should also provide all the safety features you would expect in a newer model, or they should be able to be added, if necessary. Don’t hesitate to take a float in for a check up with a mechanic, and be sure to take the float for a test drive of your own.

How will you pay for your float?

The final consideration is your funding. How will you pay for the purchase? Few buyers have the entire amount up front, which makes horse float finance a frequent—and excellent—option. Horse float loans can fund both new and used horse float models, and offer you the flexibility to start using your float now while making reasonable monthly payments. Finance is one of the favoured ways amongst horse owners to obtain the high quality equipment they need.

And once you’ve secured your finance, you can start shopping for your float with ease.

With these above considerations, you’ll be well on your way to buying an exceptional horse float.