Are you eyeing that puppy in the window? Maybe you’ve decided that it’s a great time to add a puppy to your family. With very few exceptions, puppies and young children can make a great team.  There are so many benefits to adding a dog to the family. Children learn responsibility, unconditional love and have enough fun to make memories for a life time. Follow these recommendations from the veterinarians and your family will soon be making memories of their own.

If you have young children and intend on adopting a puppy or young dog from the local animal shelter, it’s recommended that this decision be made by the adults. Consider the addition of a puppy to the family as a surprise for the children. The professionals at the animal shelter will be able to give you advice and recommendations on breeds and temperaments.  Listen to their advice carefully.  When you’ve selected a puppy or young dog, know that it will need time to adapt to the new surroundings and new family members.

Training a puppy requires a serious commitment from every member of the family. Take advantage of the awesome deals offered by Groupon coupons and stock up on active wear at LOFT – you’ll be spending a lot of time on your knees. A trip to the pet store should include the purchase of a crate, collar, and leash and dog food. While the selection can be overwhelming, start with the basics first.  The puppy will welcome time in the crate – this will be his safe place as he adapts to his new surroundings. Lead the puppy to a specific place outdoors every two hours until a habit forms and he requests to go on his own. Reward him with a small treat.

Insist that all family members train the puppy not to jump on family members or visitors.  This will take a commitment to training – but you’ll be thankful in the long run. The children will spend hours indoors and out playing with the puppy and  making memories that will last a lifetime!